UncategorizedTornado Damage to Firestone Roof

September 8, 2011by Robert Evans Jr Inc0

Worthy Hotel in down town Springfield, managed by the Cornerstone Corp had sustained damage in the spring tornado that devasted the western part of the state. Having completed many large projects in Natick, Worcester and Fitchburg Cornerstone felt that Evans Contracting was the company they needed to fix their problem.

A section of the nine story roof had blown off and was being held down with sand bags. The fully adhered rubber had seperated from the insulation. When the rubber seperates it takes with it the top layer of insulation which means that new rubber and insuation needs to be installed.

Being as the building is nine stories a crane had to be brought in to get the material to the roof and remove the old roofing. The street had to be shut down and a police detail obtained.

The roof has no standing water in the area of the patch so there is no concern with tieing into the older rubber. To be safe, the seams were covered with cover tape beside the seam tape.

Besides the blown off section The Worthy was having an on going roof leak that nobody could seem to find. It was surmised that the brick of the elavator shaff was the problem, so while on the roof all the brick was water proofed with a sealant.


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