Showcase of Work in Newton, MA

Roof Drain Repair

A pre existing Firestone roof, in Newton with a standing water problem needed to be addressed with some new drains. The roof had two layers on it:

  • The first layer being a PVC roof with one inch fiber board
  • And the second being fully adhered EPDM with one inch ISO.

An 8 x 8 by section of the existing roof was cut out and removed. 4×4 pitched ISO sheets (pitch at 1/8 per foot) were mechanically fastened to roof deck, with a four inch roof drain installed in the middle. New piece of EPDM glued to the pitch ISO and tied in with the exist roof.

Commercial Roof Installation - Firestone Roof

Skylight Leak

Peoples Bank in West Newton MA called on us to repair what appeared to be a roof leak. When the roof was inspected, we noticed the roof was in excellent condition. However, one of the four commercial dome style skylights had a few cracks in the glass of the skylight itself. A new skylight would have to be ordered to put an end to this leak.

Skylight leaks are often mis-diagnosed as a roof leak, when it actually is the skylight itself. A skylight can leak from a number of issues, being old and expired, seams/seals needing reglazing, or even have cracks in the glass like this one.

Skylight Leak - West Newton, MA

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