Showcase of Work in Needham, MA

Copper Roof

Our crew made and installed standing seam copper roof in Needham, MA. The shingle section of the house was completed back in the fall with CertainTeed Landmark shingles. Cornerstone Building installed a new front addition and the home owner wanted a standing seam copper roof and half round copper gutter.

This roof was unique in such that it had two different roof pitches, so instead of making two panels we used one and cut the seams and soldered.

All the copper is cut and fabricated specifically for this roof. It is 16 oz cold rolled Revere copper. When installing copper and other metal roofs a high temp ice and water barrier must be used under the metal. It is common to see people using regular ice and water barrier, which will run and brake down from the heat.  Granulated ice barrier must never be used either.

Copper Roof - Needham, MA

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