Showcase of Work in Natick, MA

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Replacement

This customer had us install Certainteed Monogram Pacific Blue Vinyl siding to there house. The homeowner was tired of painting his wood clapboard siding every few years. Vinyl siding has a much longer life then its counter part Wood Clapboard. Certainteed respects the environment through the responsible development of sustainable vinyl and polymer siding products and systems.

Whether it is a Victorian reproduction, a New England saltbox or a modern beach house get-away, we offer the rich look of natural cedar without the expense and heavy maintenance. You can create a home to be proud of with Monogram’s designer pallet of over 40 siding and trim colors. Inspired by nature, these colors are designed to harmonize home and environment.

Vinyl Siding Installation - Natick MA

Roof Pipe Flange Replacement

This homeowner noticed her ceiling inside one of her closets had a water stain. She called us to come look at the situation. After a quick inspection to the roof area above the leak inside the house, we noticed the rubber gasket around the top of a pipe flange was worn away causing it to allow water inside the house. We removed the old worn pipe flange and installed a new 3″ inch pipe flange. Sometimes the pipe flanges don’t last as long as the life of a roof and needs to be replaced. Have your roof inspected today to avoid such problems.

Roof Pipe Flange Repair Hopkington, MA
Roof Pipe Flange Repair

Roof and Vinyl Siding Replacement

We have recently completed a new CertainTeed roof and vinyl siding job in Natick mass. The home owner picked the siding and roofing to together because the siding has a life time warranty and the roof has a 30 year warranty. This guarantees that they will never have to paint the house and be free from leaks as long as they own it.

Natick Roof and Vinyl Siding Replacement

Roof Replacement and New Front Entry

Installed new roof and rebuilt front entry at a house on Hemlock road in Natick MA. The homeowner wished to remove a poorly installed front entry and restore it to its original look.

We removed the entry and installed new vinyl siding to match original, installed new gutter and down spout and replaced the trim. At the same the time the home owner picked a CertainTeed 30 year Landmark shingle to replace the original roof which had two layers on it.

In the back of the house there was a low pitched section of roof which we covered entirely with ice and water barrier for added protect from ice damming.

Natick Roof Replacement and Front Entry

Residential Roof Installation

A roof we installed in Natick started with some surprises for the crew. As the two existing layers of roof were removed, it was discovered that there was some rotted wood. It was an older house so it had roof boards as opposed to plywood. The rotten wood was removed and replaced with new spruce 2×8. There was know damage to the rafters. Subsequently six feet of ice and water barrier was installed and 15 lb. tar paper on the remainder. The home owner chose CertainTeed Landmark shingle for their new roof. All CertainTeed laminated shingles now have lifetime warranty on the materials. Cobra ridge vent was installed at the peak for greater air flow.

Natick Residential Roof Replacement
Natick Residential Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Installation

On July 3 a microburst hit the downtown-Natick area ripping shingles off roofs and knocking down trees. It also ripped the roof off the Natick Outdoor Store. After spending July 4 on the roof at the Store we were able to secure the rubber ahead of the oncoming hurricane.

The roof that was ripped off we had installed in 1997 cutting it short of its life span.

The week following we were able to install a new Firestone fully adhered rubber roof with better R-value insulation than what we had originally installed. New four-inch roof drains were sumped down to the roof deck. All new shop fabricated aluminum roof edging was installed around the perimeter to finish off the job.

Natick MA - Commercial Roof Installation
Natick MA - Commercial Roof Installation
Natick MA - Commercial Roof Installation

Natick Elks

The Natick Elks were in need of a new roof and on a budget so they called in Robert Evans Jr Contracting. There were already two roofs on the building so in order to stay within the budget the decision was made to tear off only the existing top layer. The top layer consisted of single ply memembre and substrate of which was saturated causing standing water on the roof. The tar and gravel roof was left on the building and the new was to be install over it.

The Elks were looking to add insulation to the new roof. New ISO insulation was added with an average R-value of 20. Sections of the roof pitched ISO was used to shed water to the scuppers.

A crane was brought in to lift the HVAC units in order to roof underneath them as oppose to disconnecting them which is a lot more cost effective.  New shop fabricated .040 mill finish aluminum flashing was installed around the perimeter. With the completion of the job the Elks will have 20 year warranty on the materials from firestone, and a 10 year labor warranty from Robert Evans Jr Contracting.

Natick Elks Firestone Roof
Natick Elks Firestone Roof
Natick Elks Firestone Roof
Natick Elks Firestone Roof

Condo Vinyl Siding

Recently completed vinyl siding in Natick. A customer whom we had completed a roof for previously, grew weary of painting her condo every two years decided to go vinyl. After a lot of contemplation and weeding through colors, she and her neighbor decided to go with Majestic sandstone. On the front gable ends, Cedar Impression vinyl shakes would be used. After the siding was started, the home owners decided to replace the front deck with new rails and decking.

Vinyl Siding Replacement - Natick, MA
Vinyl Siding Replacement - Natick, MA

Natick Roof Replacement

A much needed roof in Natick. New GAF shingles and a lot of wood replacement.

Natick Roof Replacement with GAF Shingles
Natick Roof Replacement with GAF Shingles
Natick Roof Replacement with GAF Shingles

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