UncategorizedRoof Project in Wellesley

December 24, 2011by Robert Evans Jr Inc0

Local mangement company with whom we have completed many projects for in the past called upon us to strip and reroof one of there properties in Wellesley Hills.

In order to strip the roof a close sidewalk permit had to be obtained as there are multipile businesses in the building, and the roof over hung the sidewalk. Somebody had to be on the ground allow people into the businesses . The job was start and completed on a Saturday so as to not interfer with the comuter traffic.

The property owner chose Certainteed Independence Shangle for a new roof. Grace ice and water barrier was installed six feet up from the eaves and in all the valleys. The roof was in such bad shape that there was a lot of roof deck replacement. To complicate manners the crew was up against the predicted early snow fall of October 30.


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