UncategorizedRain Flow Total Gutter Protection System

1. What is Rain Flow? Rain Flow Total Gutter Protection System Is gutter protection system that prevents leaves, pine needles, twigs and other debris from collecting in and clogging rain gutters. Water flows through quickly and easily. Rain Flow is environmentally friendly, being made of all natural fibers and coated with a UV stable premium acrylic latex.

2. How Does Rain Flow Work? Because leaves, seeds, pine needles, pinecones and other debris are suspended on top of Rain Flow, gutters continue to as intended. Air circulation above, below, and around debris allow it to dry up quickly and blow away in the wind.

3. Will anything clog Rain Flow material? Rain Flow will not clog. Because of its design, every rainfall washes it clean and gutters remain free flowing.

4. Will shingle grit affect Rain Flow? Shingle grit will not affect Rain Flow. It simply passes through as if the gutters were empty.-$300 OFF ROOFING ESTIMATE

5. Will Rain Flow cause Ice Dams? Rain Flow will not cause nor prevent ice dams. Ice dams are caused by temperature changes in the roof and are related to ventilation and insulation conditions in the attic space.-Request a Qoute! However , Rain Flow will keep snow from collecting in the gutter allowing snow to melt and drain.