Has began and the rush is on to get your roof done. After the brutal winter and all the ice dams people are starting early to get their roof project completed instead of waiting until fall.

One such project is a roof recently completed in Framingham. Certainteed 30 Landmark shingles nailed with 1 1/4 inch galvinized roof nails over six feet of ice and water barrier and 15 lb tar paper.

There is one part of the job that is very important that a lot of roofing contractors fail at; the clean up. After the bulk of the old shingles are removed and thrown in the dumpster. It is very important to run a magnet over the grounds to remove the loose nails, especially in┬áthe driveway. Most of the time the home owners don’t even notice their roof, but they do know when their grounds are a mess or when somebody steps on a nail.



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