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October 11, 2013by Robert Evans Jr Inc0

This Framingham Resident called on Robert Evans Contracting, a registered¬†Firestone Contractor,¬†to roof his low slope roof properly. This low slope section of roof had a pitch of 2. All roofs applied to a low slope deck ( 2″ to below 4″ per foot ) are recommeded to have a rubber roof applied to it, because water drains slowly from these slopes, there is a greater chance of water back-up and damage from ice-dams.

This roof, we removed the asphalt shingles from the Low slope roofing and installed a mechanically fastened 1/2″ inch fiberboard substrate to roof deck, then applied a fully adhered .060 rubber membrane to substrate. Flashing rubber up under sloped shingled roof. We flashed roof edging with .040 gauge aluminum roof edging to match drip edge. Installing a 6″ inch cover tape to top of aluminum to seal. All roofs installed by Robert Evans Jr. Contracting comes complete with a 10 yr. Labor warranty. And even longer Manufactures warranty depending on what type of roofing and product being installed.

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