UncategorizedLarge Commericial Asphalt Shingled Roof

New Pond Village was a Recently completed large Retirement home roof in Walpole Ma. Done in phases. Last year we completed Phase 1 of the retirement home that consisted of “A” & “B” buildings {appox. 475 Sq. }. This 3 story complex required High safety standards including safety harness for every installer on roof surface, hard hats and safety goggles for ground workers and spotters. Each section of roof being worked on was caution taped on ground level and a safety spotter for the safety of elderly residents entering and leaving building. Phase 2 of the retirement home was completed May of this year 2012. Phase 2 consisted of Building “C” {approx. 275 Sq}. This buiding presented some challenges of a main front entry way with heavy traffic of residents coming and going. Safety was top priority on this section. The crew was highly cautious of falling debris around entry way and to maintain the area swept clean of all nails and debris. Phase 3 ,Remaining Buildings to be done next year.

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