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New Pond Village, an over 55 community in Walpole, needed a new roof so they called in Robert Evans Jr Contracting.  The project encompassed stripping and replacing 500 square of shingles and had to function around the daily workings of its residents and staff as well as protecting the grounds.

The old roof was to be striped and replaced with Certianteed Landmark 30 shingles which now have a life time warranty. At the request of the owners Grace Ice and Water was to be used.  On top of doing the roof the dog house dormer were to be striped and ice and water barrier installed behind the clapboard siding. New step flash was to be installed around the dormers.  Around a several of the vents the plywood had to be replaced due to rot. At the peaks, Cobra ridge vent was used. The project went smoothly without damage to the well manicured grounds or inconveniences to the residents and staff.


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