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October 28, 2013by Robert Evans Jr Inc0

The Framingham Elks needed a roof. Upon inspection of the existing roof there was a large amount of standing water it was determined that the roof was not pitched to the drains. A tapered insulation from Firestone was designed to pitch water to the drains. Not only was the roof not pitched right there was no insulation in the old roof. With the new tapered deck an average R-value of 22 was obtained bring the roof up to code. New .040 shop fabricated bronze aluminum was installed around roof edge.

Another design flaw was the HVAC duct work penetrated the roof through the shingle section was not flashed properly. We wrapped the duct work with insulation and white rubber to help with cooling in the summer.

The shingle section was stripped and reshingled with GAF Timberline shingles which have a life time guarantee.

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