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World Cobble of Swansea MA needed a new roof so they called Robert Evans Jr Contracting. The existing roof had two layers; the top section being a batten bar EPDM roof over a tar and a gravel roof. Both layers of roof needed to be removed and a new .040 EPDM Firestone fully adhered was to be installed over 3 inches of Poly ISO insulation.

This is the first job for new hire Ray Heroux. Ray brings with him 20 years of roof experience, ten of which he was a manufacturers rep. With his knowledge of product and specs he is a natural fit.

After removal of the old roof it was found that there was a pitch to the roof and that the drains that were installed over the years were know longer need. A new six inch gutter was install to replace the old scuppers.

When flashing the HVAC units we use a twelve inch tapered edge to keep water from standing around the units. The Firestone peel & stick pitch pocket and filler are used for the HVAC electric lines.

A new .040 bronze aluminum roof edging was installed around the perimeter to match original edging and aluminum flashing where the rubber tied in with main building.









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