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The Natick Elks were in need of a new roof and on a budget so they called in Robert Evans Jr Contracting. There were already two roofs on the building so in order to stay within the budget the decision was made to tear off only the existing top layer. The top layer consisted of single ply memembre and substrate of which was saturated causing standing water on the roof. The tar and gravel roof was left on the building and the new was to be install over it.

The Elks were looking to add insulation to the new roof. New ISO insulation was added with an average R-value of 20. Sections of the roof pitched ISO was used to shed water to the scuppers.

A crane was brought in to lift the HVAC units in order to roof underneath them as oppose to dissconnecting them which is a lot more cost effective.  New shop fabricated .040 mill finish aluminum flashing was installed around the perimeter. With the completion of the job the Elks will have 20 year warranty on the materials from firestone, and a 10 year labor warranty from Robert Evans Jr Contracting.