UncategorizedDid you have your Ice Dam hacked at this winter ?

This winter we had over 100 calls an hour every day over a 4-week span in February. In the MetroWest area, we had over 90″ inches of snow in that span. A new record for snowfall in that short of time frame. We also had over 40 days of below-average temperatures, add all these elements together and you have huge ice dams issues !! We tried to get to every call we could but just wasn’t possible with the volume of calls. Whether it was our commercial flat roof customers concerned with the weight and roof collapse or it was residential sloped roofs leaking into homes and causing damage. We at Robert Evans Jr Contracting recommended removing the snow above the dams to help alleviate the dam and leaving mother nature to take care of the massive ice. NOT hacking at the ice with hammers, drills, ice piks, etc.

This customer had her ice dam removed from her 8 yr. old roof by a company her insurance company sent over, causing extreme damage. Now she’s left with having to replace her entire roof!!

The roofing shingles were de-laminated, cracked, holes exposed, nails exposed.