Commercial Roofing

The majority of commercial roofing systems are flat or low sloped. This means that standing water, cracks and leaks often occur over the lifespan of the roof. A roof leak can cause severe problems in any commercial building. That is why you need the most dependable commercial roofing contractor to do the job. We provide unmatched quality and work with virtually all types of roofing systems, including EPDM, thermoplastic, built-up, modified bitumen and metal. Whether you need new roof construction, re-roofing or maintenance and repairs, we are the right choice for a dependable commercial roofing partner.

Our commercial roofing services include new construction, roof replacement, preventative maintenance, inspection and restoration. We offer timely and competitive pricing for any roof system you might need.

Holcim Elevate™ (formerly Firestone)

Elevate brand of roofing, wall and lining system products (formerly Firestone) is a trusted brand known for manufacturing high-quality roofing products. Their reputation for excellence ensures that you can rely on their products for superior performance and durability.

  • Comprehensive Product Range: From single-ply roofing systems like EPDM and TPO membranes to asphalt-based roofing solutions, they provide a wide selection to suit different commercial and residential applications.
  • Enhanced Protection: Designed to provide enhanced protection against weather elements, including wind, rain, UV radiation, and temperature extremes. These products offer excellent resistance to punctures, tears, and other forms of damage, ensuring long-lasting protection for your property.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Committed to sustainability, their roofing products support environmentally friendly practices. Their products often include recycled content and are designed to maximize energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact. Additionally, Firestone provides recycling programs for their roofing materials to minimize waste and promote sustainability in the industry.

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance

Robert Evans Jr. Contracting offers commercial roof repair services. Our properly trained technicians can inspect the entire roof surface for any signs of damage or maintenance requirements. We work quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues to extend the lifespan of your roof system. This ensures you get your full value before replacing it with a new one.

We take great pride in our performance as roofing contractors and consider customer satisfaction a cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our success is based upon long term relationships with satisfied clients who expect and receive exceptional quality at fair prices. We are committed to quality from the first contact with our office, to the installation of your roof by our qualified roofing crews, through the warranty of your new roof system.

We thoroughly understand the importance of your commercial roof and are industry leaders when it comes to commercial roofing services. Whether you need to fix a leak, replace missing shingles or completely replace your roof, we’re the roofing company you can count on.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Customer whose roof we installed in 1997 called and said he had a couple of small leaks.

Upon inspection of we discovered trees overgrown on the roof and some of the limbs had penetrated the rubber, thus causing some leaks. The gutters were completely filled and the neighborhood kids had been throwing all sorts of debris on the roof.

I called the customer back after inspection and told him what I had discovered. Since his warranty had run out and the roof had been neglected that there would be a fee to repair, we give him another option. Which was for a fee we would go over the entire roof and perform all repairs and preventive maintenance and give him a three year warranty.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Project
Commercial Roof Maintenance Project
Commercial Roof Maintenance Project
Commercial Roof Maintenance Project

Low Slope Roof Installation

This Framingham resident called on Robert Evans Contracting, a registered Firestone Contractor, to roof his low slope roof properly. This low slope section of roof had a pitch of 2. All roofs applied to a low slope deck ( 2″ to below 4″ per foot ) are recommended to have a rubber roof applied to it. Because water drains slowly from these slopes, there is a greater chance of water back-up and damage from ice-dams.

This roof, we removed the asphalt shingles from the Low slope roofing and installed a mechanically fastened 1/2″ inch fiberboard substrate to roof deck. We then applied a fully adhered .060 rubber membrane to substrate. Flashing rubber up under sloped shingled roof. We flashed roof edging with .040 gauge aluminum roof edging to match drip edge. Installing a 6″ inch cover tape to top of aluminum to seal. All roofs installed by Robert Evans Jr. Contracting comes complete with a 10 yr. labor warranty. We also provide an even longer manufacturers warranty depending on the type of roofing and product you have us install.

Low Slope Roof - Firestone Roofing

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