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Carpentry is the most exciting and dynamic trade known to man. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by carpentry. From bridges, churches and schools carpenters have been there and built that.Hire A Contractor WP

Carpenters work with many materials to get the job done such as sheetrock, plywood,fiberglass, wood, plexiglas, metal, veneer, and the list goes on and on. There are about 5 major parts in Carpentry that most people do not tell you about and they are as follows.

Cabinet Makers build more than just cabinets. They also build display cases, shelves, countertops, tables, and ext. There measurements have to be precise, down to the 32nd. Most Cabinet Makers work all year around. There work is indoors in a heat-controlled environment.
Roofers work on Mainly on roofs all day, they also work year around but not in a controlled evironment. They have to deal with the climate changes and adjust to them. Roofers work on schools, houses, high-rise buildings ext.-$300 OFF ROOFING ESTIMATE
Residential carpenters work on building and restoring houses. They deal with a lot of framing, trim work, installing cabinets’s ext.
Commercial carpenters build high rises, schools, Hospitals, stores, banks ext. They build buildings from the ground up sometimes laying out the foundation setting elevations carpenters carry a lot of weight in the commercial industry. They work indoors,outdoors, on roofs,bridges you name it.

  1. Floor guys these carpenters work on tiles,carpenting, hardwood floors, laminate floors ext. You wont find to many people that are a Master at all four different parts of the trade or know everything there is to know about carpentry. But you will find people who are a Master Journeyman in at least on maybe two of these catergories.
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